Streaming mp4 Files to Sony Device - Won't Pause or Rewind


I have a Sony BDP-S3200 connected to my WD MyCloud.

MKV and AVI files play OK, but around half of MP4 files won’t work correctly.

They will play, but won’t pause, rewind or fast forward. (Like being at the cinema.)

I get a message on the Sony saying “This action is prohibited at this time”

Sony’s Technical Support are deliberately terrible (after two weeks, they’ve just re-started and are asking again what the problem is).

Has anyone seen this?

Thank you


Hello AntJone, if the problem only happens with some of the file, it could be a compatibility problem with the BDP-S3200. Let’s see if there are other users with the same model that can give you some advice. 

This is an issue with a lot of DLNA NAS’, such as Synology and QNAP when directly streaming to a TV/Blu-Ray Player, but it is not an issue if you stream to a Roku, Xbox 360/One and PS3/4.

Although crappy, try streaming to them as they have the hardware to support it. I understand if you put a HDD into the TV it will RR/FF, trust me, I know.

Im not too sure why to be honest. 

I know there is DLNA and Twonky, try streaming via both and see if its a problem on both.

FYI, Twonky is the DLNA server on the mycloud

I am aware, thanks.