Streaming Movies

I’ve just set up my new WD MyCloud 4tb and downloaded the WD MyCloud app for android after uploading my movies to public storage.  My question is how do I stream my movie files remotely to my android tablet as it only seems to download the file through the app to my device?

i use solid explorer app adding a smb server or  MediaHouse app enabling dlna server on wd HD

You might take a look at VLC for Android.

Try BubbleUPnP ( player

I am also looking for the answer to this question. Could you please let me know if you get it working. My idea is to stream the movie from the My Cloud to a ipad and then onto my TV. But I am stuck at the getting it to the ipad part.

Thanks for the replies guys.  How would one set up an smb server or vlc player to stream from the WD MyCloud?

Never mind, I solved this my installing ES File Explorer on my tablet and clicking on LAN in the left hand pane then clicking WDMyCloud and playing my movies from there.

strange. mycloud app on my Ipad does not download it but plays it. Are you sure it was downloading and not buffering? or maybe the Adnroid mycloud app is different!!

I just checked, seems i did not have a dedicated video player that’s why it just downloaded the video. I’ve just installed vlc and it streams now through mycloud.

cool. I am oppsite of you :smiley: mycloud app plays all videos and pics on my ipad. I installed VLC on my ipad but it is  just useless. it is fantastic on my Linux box but they did not do a good job I think for the Ipad.

When I first installed the My Cloud app on my iPad and iPhone I would open the app and attempt to stream, it would take a few minutes depending on the size of the song or video to download to the cache on my devices which you could monitior under the activity tab of the app, however after I installed VLC on both devices the song or video streams instantly when selected with the My Cloud app.