Streaming HD iPhone Movies from a MyBookLiveDuo


I have a MyBookLiveDuo 4GB connected to my WD TV Live Streaming box via a 20m ethernet cable. The content from the NAS is loaded using the My Media Library feature on the WD TV Live.

When trying to play HD Videos uploaded to the MyBookLiveDuo it stutters a lot (probably every 2-3 seconds). I don’t have any other HD Content to try, only the iPhone MOV files. Other non HD movies play fine.

Playing the same MOV Files on my laptop also connected via the same 20m ethernet cable has no problems, but that laptop and router do support 1000mbps while the WD TV Live only supports 100mbps. I can switch over to Wireless N on the laptop and that works fine also.

If I copy one of the MOV Files to my laptop, the transfer speed is between 30 and 40mbps.

It seems the problem is with the WD TV Live Streaming. Has anyone else had these problems?

Any suggestions appreciated.



I have a friend that can play .mkv files fine, check if you have the last firmware update installed. 

I upgraded to the latest firmware a couple of days ago but it hasn’t made any difference.

I will try to get hold of an mkv file to see if that can play.

What is the theoretical maximum bit rate/data rate that a file can be to play on the WD TV Live Streaming box over 100Mb ethernet?

I am pretty sure the issue with with the 100Mb ethernet.

It is disappointing they put out this product with only a 100Mb/s connection and then provided you the ability with the WD Photos app to uploaded your iPhone videos to your WD NAS, but then you can’t play them back on the WD Media Player.
Just got an LG Smart TV and it plays the file fine over its ethernet connection - which is probably 1000Mb/s. It stuttered when trying to play in on the Wireless - which makes me think it is a bandwidth issue on the WD TV Live.

So next question - is it possible to plug in a USB Wireless Dongle to the WD TV Live Streaming? I can get a Dual Band dongle that connects to my Router with a theoretical max of 600Mb/s. If it is, then I could test out whether this is fast enough to play it. I’m not sure this is possible given it has built in wireless?