Streaming from WDTV Live HUB to Chromecast

Hi! I would like to ask for your help with the following. I have two TVs, one of them has a WDTV Live Hub connected to it, which has its own storage and can act as a server (and the WDTV connects to the router via cable). The other TV upstairs has a Chromecast 2 connected to it (which connects wirelessly to the same network as the WDTV). What I want to do is to connect to the samba server of the WDTV downstairs with my iPad, and stream videos with subtitles to my tv upstairs, the one with the chromecast. How would I go about in doing this, and what app should I use for streaming?

Thanks a lot in advance!

You need an iPad app that is built to cast media to Chromecast. I use an app like this to do this and it is called File Browser. Just cue up a file in app and tap the “cast” icon on screen. The app cost $6 and is worth it. Check the app maker’s website at You will need a good and strong wi-fi signal; preferably at 5G speed or you will not get good performance. I have good and fast 5G wi-fi and app works perfectly for watching mp4 movie files or listening to music on Chromecast. You will not find a better app than this.

Thanks a lot, I will try this!