Streaming from WD TV Live to Android Tablet

I’m wondering if someone can point me to the right instruction to use the WD TV as a streaming source to an android tablet via Wi-fi. Does it make sense?

Kind regards.

the WD will share out any drive attached via samba

and android app that can access samba shares will be able to play files off a drive connected to the WD

Yes, it’s true, but I was meaning if possible to do the codification from the WDTV. Using it as a DLNA source.

not currently

I can stream to and from iPad to WDTV, and vice versa.  I have three different apps as each has its merits.

As for the Android tablet, check out this newer app.  It sounds like it might do what you want to do, although I know nothing about it other than what’s on this site:

Also, know that streaming via  DLNA devices has its limitations – not all media the WD can play can be streamed this way. e.g. ISO files.

Which “newer app” are u talking bot?

I am using File Manager HD on my tablet to map my SMP’s hdd, and then I use Moboplayer to play the movies. Works great.

Be aware some MKVs do not play on the tablet right. Sometimes you have to convert them into something that the tablet will handle. All depends on your tablet and what formats they support.

Which option do u use out of those mentioned in the screenshot at this link?

Have u also found a way to stream the contents of ur tablet on ur TV via WD Tv Live SMP?