Streaming FLAC files sent over dlna/upnp has no audio

I’m trying to play my collection of flac files from my computer over my wired lan network via upnp to wdlive tv which is connected to my amp/speakers.

I’m trying to achieve this by using xmbc or foobar as the media server and my iphone as the controller. 

i can stream mp3 without any problem, however when i try to play a **bleep**, but i have no audio whatsoever from the speakers. 

The player is able to play flac files over windows network shares without any problem, or when played from locally stored folders.

Is this a known issue ?? or am i missing something here… .?

also can anyone tell me if there is a workaround i.e is there any server which will transcode the flac on the fly, cuz i dont want to convert all my flac files to mp3. 

XBMC *Flac* via UPnP was fixed in v13.1 bugfix release

I’m running a “Nightly version” and XBMC Flac streaming via UPnP to the WDTV works fine

XBMC 14.0-ALPHA1 Git:2014-07-29-d365123-dirty (Compiled: Jul 29 2014)


Make a XBMC Backup   Select your OS/Platform, and download a Nightly

P.S. you will have to search “foobar” forums to see if foobar is foobar’d with streaming Flac via UPnP

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OMG it worked! like a charm first time, i followed your instructions and downloaded the nightly version 13.1 bugfix release, took a backup of xbmc folder (didnt know i had to do that thx) unistalled the older version & installed the nightly version.

ive been trying from 4 days to ge this to work, first tried setting up windows as media server, then xbmc then foobar, and many apps from app store. nothing worked. 

Thankyou very much.

One thing i noticed is that the .flac playback quality isnt as good as when say i play the same song/file locally or thru network shares. what could be the reason for this. it kinda defeats the purpose of having to play .flac files in the first place. Do you have the same problem. which app if any do you know of is a good controller for ios. ?

neverthe less i can enjoy my .flac collection thru upnp without even having the need to swich on the tv. thanks again!