Streaming failures - Are my files ripped at too high a quality or something?

I have a WD TV Live, but I’m having trouble streaming videos. The box will play the video for a time and then the video will freeze, followed by playing without sound and at a slow frame rate. Could this be some issue with the encoding and the box? I ripped the files from DVDs myself, so maybe something was done wrong? I guess it also be wireless issues, but that file is only 600 MB for a 60 minute program. That seems like it should be playable easily on a wireless n router with 3 bars. 

Any ideas?

what format ? iso, img, avi or ?

I used m4v container.

Encoded with HandBrake 0.9.5 2011010300

VLC says h264 MPEG4 AVC

There is an issue with Handbrake encoded mkv’s, which is due to HB’s writing library, but I’m not sure about m4v’s.

There’s an easy way to tell if it is a HB issue though, just reencode the m4v video with mkvmerge (mkvtoolnix) and see if the new mkv does the same thing happens. 

If it doesn’t then you’ll know that it is most likely a HB writing library issue and you can use HB 0.9.4 and you shouldn’t see the issue in the new m4v.