Streaming DVD type video files

I purchased the mycloud drive so that I could backup my media files to mycloud and be able to access them anywhere world wide using WIFI.  However after copying my movies to mycloud I am not able to play or watch my DVD type files from mycloud because the movies were all broken down into a number of different types of files in the process of transferring from my MAC laptop to mycloud.  File types are: .BUP .IFO .VOB

Is there a quick fix for this problem?  If so, please provide detailed instructions.

Thank you,


There’s no “Quick fix.”  

…and they weren’t “broken down” during the transfer – they were always that way.

If you’re expecting to keep DVD menus and navigation, there’s nothing you can do.

If all you’re interested in is streaming the main movie, then use Handbrake to convert the DVD videos to M4V files.

I found this FREE video converter–3AJwisaAm908P8HAQ

Disregard that last link, it’s the same converter with a different name and look.