Streaming DVD and AVI still not working with FW 1.04.17 and 1.04.22

 The firmware  1.04.22_V is always incorrect. when I watch some movies by the network connection (streaming). I’m connected by ethernet cable.this is not  possible to watch some avi and DVD VOB because it produces lag.

These lag were already present on the same films in the firmware 1.04.17V.
AVI description: MPEG-4 video (XVID) Resolution: 624x352 Audio Codec: MPEG Audio layer 1/2/3 (mpga) Frequency: 48000Hz flows: 160Kb / s.
 I have the same problem on DVD when i watch VOB format.
 The problem is observed on 2 WDTV LIVE HD.
 The 2 WDTV were downgraded with firmware 1.03.49_V and this Movies work normally.
 I do not recommend these two firmware. The best firmware is now 1.03.49_v.

Should not be so difficult to fix this problem !
With FW 1.03.49 it works fine.

excuse me I am french

 Thank you.

I still use 1.03.49_v. (never updated) but still, it would be good if can be fixed in the future :slight_smile: