Streaming content from my WD TV Live Hub to my WD TV Live Plus

Maybe I am not understanding the capabilities correctly but I understood that WD TV Live Hub functioned as a media server for other devices.  In my case, for the WD TV Live Plus.  I am trying to stream the content I have on the Hub to the WD TV Live Plus but when I select media server under Video when I have both devices turned on and connected to my network, the Hub is not detected.

I would prefer to stream directly from the hub to the live plus.  Is that possible or do I have to go through my PC?


As long as you have the media server enabled (in the Hub’s SETUP screens), and the two devices are on the same network, it should work.

No need for a separate PC.

I have the DLNA enabled on the hub, is there anything else I need to enable?

Also, the hub is wired, the live plus wireless, does that make a difference?

It might make a difference…  Some Wifi “routers” or whatever will block traffic between wired and wired devices.  

Also, try using your web browser to see if the media server is actually running on the Hub –

http://[ip address of your hub]:9000

for example

… it should bring up a “Twonky” manager.

In there, you can see if the Live Plus is listed in the device list and has access enabled.

Thanks, I’ll give that a try.

You likely need to access the Hub via Network Shares from the WD TV Live Plus.  Using Media Server link from the Live Plus will work for music and some video, but not all.  Best to use Network Shares FROM device you want to stream TO in most cases.  This is how I stream between my 2 Live Plus units.

Agree with the above. Not sure what advantage there is connecting as a media server over DLNA. I connect from my LivePlus to my LiveHub via network shares and it works great. I use it bi-directionaly and actually keep a lot of my video media on USB drives attached to my LivePlus that the LiveHub attaches to. Either way, they both see each other and play audio and video via network shares to the other one.