Stream videos orientation android tv

I need help. I have videos recorded on iPhone which play fine through my windows 10 Pc in the correct orientation. They are store on my WD mycloud drive. But I play it via my android TV through a number of apps such as VLC media player and they come up sideways. I can see no way to rotate them but cannot watch them sides. Watch them on pc and they’re up the right way.

Hi, have you tried to play the videos on the third device? Since the videos are playing correctly on the computer but not on the TV, you will have to check the TV settings.

This is an iPhone/iPad issue that has been a pain for many years caused by the way the iOS devices take and store videos. I used to process my videos through a program that re-orients them, but rarely do that any more. I have a Roku that will stream them from the Roku app on phone or Pad to the TV correctly. I may have other apps that can do this, too, but I stream them so rarely to TV that I could not tell you if I have an app for that. You need to locate one in app store.