Stream rendering compatibility

I am having problems rendering a specific video stream correctly on screen. I am using PlayOn with the World Live TV script ( ), and some streams do not render properly. Most streams play fine, but one particular encoding type has a crooked screen where it looks like there is a diagonal cut from top to bottom and the display wraps around.

This one plays fine with Windows Media Player, but has a crooked screen in WD-Live. The following parameters are shown in WMP:

Bit rate: 648 Kbps

Video size: 470x352

Aspect Ratio: 1.34:1 actual, 1.33:1 displayed

Audio codec: Windows Media Audio 10 Professional 48 kbps, 48 kHz, 2 channel 16 but (A/V) 1-pass CBR

Video codec: Windows Media Video 9 Advanced Profile


There are other streams from other countries/stations that have the same issue as well.

I doubt there is anything that can be done with the current firmware, but if this message gets to the developers perhaps they can look into why it isn’t decoding the video properly. I can understand if something is not compatible and the box displays an error message, but this one tries to play, but it appears all warped on screen.

Otherwise - WD Live is a great little box and works very well.