Stream My Book Live to Mac and the Apple TV

Please excuse me if this has been answered before but I am new to the wd forums. I already have 2 1TB WD My Book external hard drives and I am considering getting myself a 3 TB My Book Live. The way I have it now, I use my HDs mainly to store the 100s of movies I have in my library that were ripped from DVDs and converted to mp4s so that I can stream them to my Apple TV from the HDs when they are hooked up to my MacBook Pro. Here’s my question: Will I still be able to do this wirelessly with the My Book Live? My goal is to hook the MBL up to my router in my office and have access to the movies on there from my MacBook in another room in my house while also being able to access these files with my Apple TV which is linked to the iTunes on the MacBook. I don’t see any reason why I wouldn’t be able to do this since it is exactly what I am doing right now, just wirelessly. My only concern is that having 2 separate wireless streams (MBL to MacBook and then MacBook to Apple TV) will cause poor quality and/or a lagging stream where the video and audio are off. Have any of you tried this? Outcome?? Thanks for the info. One more question: I know the WD2Go app for the iPad let’s you stream pictures, but will I be able to stream the mp4 movies to my iPad with the app as well? That is not a necessity and would just be a bonus since I already use the plex server on my MacBook and the plex app on my iPad to stream those movies wirelessly when I’m out of my house but it would be great to have one app that does both of those things. Thanks again!!

In theory, you can do stream your movies to your Apple TV (interesting, the Apple TV is not a DLNA  devices as per Apple specs), you can share your movies in iTunes, thus accessing then from your Apple TV.

Be aware that there are several users here posting issues with the My Book Live and the latest version of iTunes.

That’s great. I think I am going to give it a shot and if it doesn’t work I’ll return it and go with a regular 3tb my book instead. I hope it works because that will make my life MUCH easier.