Stream from WD TV Live to PS3

I bought the WD TV Live hoping that i could just keep it in a the basement connected only to my 2TB HD and a network connection.  I would then use my PS3 in my living room to see the WD TV Live as a “media server” and play content.  Is this possible with the TV Live?  If so, is there some kind of setting on the TV Live that I must be missing that needs to be set?  Right now my PS3 only sees the media players(twonkey, Windows Media player) I have running on my PCs.  When I search, it won’t find the WD TV Live.

If this feature is not supported by the TV live, is it with the Hub model?


The WD TV Live Streaming does not have a built-in media server, it can only be accessed as a Network Share.

I have something you can try out but it requires you to have both pc wd and ps3 on at the same time 

you can download ps3mediaserver install on pc add the wd as a network location and acces it that way on ps3 

Thanks for the replies.

Ztrust, I actually had PS3 Media Server running on my PC previously and was using that to connect to my NAS and serve the content to my PS3.  I bought the WDLive hoping that it would replace my PC(it is noisy, hot, power consuming and just a pain to turn on and set up just to watch stuff). 

I realize that I could simply go HDMI from the HD live to the tv, but of course my TV only has 2 HDMI ports and those are already taken by the PS3 and the cable box.  Plus I was hoping that keeping the WD TV out of sight and connected to the network and then just connect to it from multiple tv locations using devices like my PS3 and Medialounge.

Thanks for the suggestion though.