Strange work of wd2go for my MB Live

Hi all,

i just bought WD MB Live 2TB, connect it through my D-Link router, apply all things related to Remote Access (including unpnp). MB wrote at “remote access” section about “connected - rect connection”. When i try to go through wd2go, all ok, i can enter into my MB and see folders. Looks like all normal.

But. When i trying to download video remotely from my MB (copy/ paste in Win from MB to destination folder on remote computer), windows File Copy message “Gathering  information” appears… and  nothing happening! I waited near half of hour to download 1.5 Gb video file, but even after 1 hour i saw the same “Gathering information” and 0% of copy processed!

Before this 1.5 gb video i tried to download from MB video ~750 mb. The history was different – near half of our i saw 0% copy, but when (??!) i saw speed of downloading near 10 megaBYTES/ second! It cannot be becase i connected through old wi-fi router… 

Could you please give me understanding – how it works (wd2go remotely), and why i can’t just normal download files remotely??

Thanks a lot! My mom is waiting for videos remotely :slight_smile:


I say something was blocking the remote access on the computer since you sound like you made everything right, if there a download restriction or a data traffic consumption limit with her ISP?

did you ever get this working correctly?