Strange Pixelation on WD TV Live

I have just bought one of these boxes, it is running the latest firmware (not the damaging .12), and is connected to my full hd Philips LCD TV with a good quality HDMI Cable.

The problem is that I get occasional pixelation when I playback MKV files on the box, this occours wheter the HDMI out is set to 720P or 1080P. I have tested that the files does not contain high reference frame count and they don’t(max. 5 ref  frames in 1080 files).

This happens on both 720p and 1080i MKV files.

The pixelation occours randomly, and if I rewind the file after it has occoured, the same passage can playback without pixelation.

I have tried playing back files from different sources, USB Stick, USB Hard disc, and the result is the same.

The files of course playback flawlessly on my PC.

Seems like some sort of buffer issue or a faulty unit.

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I have pixelated low quality screen with 22" LCD monitor. Also the text is pixelated (wasn’t with WDTV v1).

I also tested with WDTV v1 and the quality is super.

This new WDTV Live has some bad issues. I don’t like it.

I have set the picture quality to auto via HDMI.

My firmware version with the problem was 1.01.10 and I upgraded to 1.01.11 and the same low resolution case here.

bebop, The reason why I replied to your message is the fact that I just tossed my Philips 9703 and I’m orderin a 9704 to fullfill my needs.