Strange network share permission problem

I’m having problems gettting the SMP to scrape the files on my smb share. The share is a 2TB USB drive connected to and shared by a Asus RT-n56 router. I have setup a read & write enabled user profile on the Asus router, for the SMP to access the share. I have no problems finding and accessing the drive, and i’m able to play and even delete files from the SMP without problems.

However when i add the share to my media library the SMP can’t scrape the drive for metadata, and after a few seconds i’m presented with a “no write permission on network share” error. This seems obviously wrong as i’m able to delete and move around files via the SMP. I have tried to share the drive with anonymous access to no avail as well.  

So please wdtv community help me…what am I doing wrong?  Could this have anything to do with unix file permissions? as far as i can tell all files on the share have permission octal 777, rwxrwxrwx…

Any help would be greatly appreciated…

Keep in mind that, in the world of SAMBA,  MOVE / DELETE permissions are considered different than CREATE permissions.

So just because you can move or delete files does not mean you can CREATE files from the SMP’s user account.

Your permissions of 777 should obviously work, but there is possibly something in the SAMBA configuration of that box that’s preventing CREATION of files.

One way to test that theory is to log into that share via a PC but use the same credentials that your WD is using and see if you can create files there.