Strange network issue

Recently I got this rather starange issue concerning my WDTV live and my network.This is my problem…

I had no problem before when I ran two PC’s with windows 7 Ultimate  32/64 but recently I formatted both of them end now my main machine is running windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit and the other running on 32 bit XP since it is an old and dying machine…Ok…I have elements with 2TB WD hard drive attached to the WDTV Live and it works fine as a stand alone no problem at all, I CAN stream music or videos from WIN7 PC to WDTV, BUT I can’t see my 2TB hard drive in my network connections in my PC but can see WDTV Live as a device in devices and printers…and the strange part (for me) is that when I turn on the PC running XP 32 bit then I can see all of my network connections including my 2TB WD hard drive.So I can access 2TB hard drive through my network until I turn off XP machine and with the first refresh of the network connections the WDTV Live stays and the hard drive is gone and I cannot acces it anymore.

There are a lot of threads concerning similar issues but I just couldn’t find my issue so if anyone can helap I would be so glad  TNX. 

Does this happen even when the drive has been mapped on your computer?