Strange issue

Hi, yesterday I had a big issue with my wd tv live (2nd gen), almost 1tb of mkv files disappeared from my (wd) hdd.
Checking with the PC I discovered that all the files are still in the hdd but now they are 0kb.
What can I do?


Was that the only thing it was plug into.

if it was plug into your Pc you might have got a virus that reset the kb andn stuff all your movies (maybe only)

Same thing happened to a friend with a Gen1… 2days ago

0k Size files…

My advice to him was…

  1. Do Not copy any new files to Drive !  (In case Data Recovery is Required)

  2. Run Windows Disk Check…

  3. If that doesent fix it see Step 1  and run Data Recovery.

My Gen1 years ago used to like corrupting the MBR (Master Boot Record) on my HDD… Happened about 3-4 times

PC wouldnt see anything… but wanted to Format it and Create a New Partition.

Which i did… then run Data Recovery… 3 hours later got all my files Back.

ps.  “Virus” is nonsense.

maybe but I have heard of some virus that like MBR (Master Boot Record) but not many  that can stuff them up but not delete the files.

but lucky what you said it might be ok.