Strange Behavior of my n900 central

Hello together, the first days after purchase my n900 worked mostly nice. 

Since about 3 days i have strange problems. My Setup is as follows:

Desktop PC running Bitreader (a usenet download client) and Par n rar (tool for automatic repair and unpack of rar files);

I set up binreader to download to my internal drive. Then i unpack download automatic with par n rar. 

Ok. The first days this worked, out of the box you could say :).

Since 3 days the following happens:

-Download with binreader to internal is really slow (20 % of max speed)

-when i try par n rar, par n rar finds HUNDREDS of files in the directory which doesnt even exist (named 1 to 488, increasing every day)!! The existing files are there too and beeing unpacked, but these hundreds of files slow down everything.

-after some minutes, binreader doesnt download anymore because it thinks the hard disc is full !! I read into this and found that i shouldnt mark the whole drive as public, but only some directories. But i cant find such an option 

So, i think i messed up my setup. But i dont know where to look, im new to home networking. Especially the hundreds of files are mysterious to me. 

System: Win 7 64 Bit

Thanks in advance

Hi, have you tried doing a factory restore?

Do you have any experience with Linux?

You can enable SSH on these devices by going to

Username and password for this is “orion” without the quotes. If you access it this way you can look at the logs. Just be careful not to change anything as you could break it.