Storing or transferring DVD

About 7 years ago I had my son’s childhood video’s that I took transfered from the video recording tapes to an actual DVD.  I had this transfer done at walmart. I now want to move all of the DVD videos to My Cloud incase something ever happends to the DVD’s, which are quickly aging.  I can’t figure out how to do this.  When I insert the walmart dvd, the video just pops up and wants to play.  I don’t see where I can upload it to a cloud, or transfer it or even save it.  Any ideas on this process?  Thanks soooo much! 

Ok let me just update this.  I figured out where to find the DVD on my computer, under “devices and drives” but when I right click it, I don’t have an option to save it to the Cloud. I have "share with’ and then it takes me to “advance settings” but I still don’t see my cloud. 

As long as the DVD isn’t encrypted, you can just copy the files over to the My Cloud.

Thanks Tony- How do I know if it’s encrypted?  Could you possible give me instructions on how to copy the file, assuming it is not encrypted?  Thanks sooo much.

I guess I’m not understanding your question, but you’d copy the files the same as you would any other file.

Open the DVD using Windows Explorer, highlight the file(s), select copy – then Paste them wherever you want.

Right click on the DVD player, and choose explore instead of play. You will see a VIDEO_TS folder containing .VOB, .BUP and .IFO files.

Copy the entire VIDEO_TS folder to the My Cloud.

Using your computer, play the copied video files using the My Cloud video player.

darnnit.  When I tried to do that, I got a red circle with a line through it.  Does that mean that Walmart made it so I can’t copy the DVD?  That would be silly wouldn’t it, since it’s my own home videos?

I guess you will have to use some DVD ripping software. Some software is free, some is paid for. Some of them rip only non-encrypted DVDs, some of them get rid of the protections…