Storing files only on myclould

Just plugged in my new cloud. Is there a way to save my files ONLY on mycloud and not my computer?

Have you read the My Cloud User Manual? It explains how to use the My Cloud along with how to create “mapped” drives on your computer for easier access.

Short answer is yes, you can save files and data to the My Cloud device. Typically it is recommended to “map” the drive to your computer to make things easier. It is typically recommended one use Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder to access the My Cloud and its mapped drives and to copy files/data to and from the My Cloud and its mapped drives. From within what ever software application one uses, one can often set or choose where their files are saved too. Simply change the save location to the My Cloud device or a mapped My Cloud drive.

As Bennor’s says; yes, treat it like a simple NAS.

But beware that it is just a hard disk in a box. If it fails, just like any HDD can, and you haven’t got a backup, you risk losing all your files. Always have a backup.

Thanks for this. Kind of struggling as I got new computer and My Cloud at the same time. “Mapped drives” terminology over my head but I’ll look for a way. New computer came with Windows 10 which is new to me also. I got the My Cloud hoping that I can set it up to automatically save documents (primarily word and excell) without to many key strokes.

Thanks cpt_paranoia. I plan on using the usb port on My Cloud to back up, hoping there is some sort of maintenance/scheduler that I can set up to automatically back up to the usb.