All I wanna do is store my photos n music and a few other bits n pieces and it’d be REAL nice to know how to do it and not have to save all the other stuff.

Plus - how do i retrieve stuff that’s in the device back to my laptop seeing as some of it seems to have disappeared ?

Here are some simple steps you can do:

I would advise you to use the WD external drive as external drive.

Do not install or use any back up software.

But, you need to know how to create a folder, copy files to the WD external drive.

a. Create a folder on the WD external drive name it:  My Music.

b.  copy the music you wish to copy from your computer hard drive to the My Music folder you just created.

c. Later, when you want to retrieve it, all you need to do is go back to My Music folder on the WD external drive.

d. You can either copy them back to your computer or play them directly from WD external drive.

Is that the help you were asking for?


yea right

I did that

I created 2 files

i named the 1rst my laptop 2010

an the second my stuff(music- pictures …ext)

I coy all what i need )

but my prob is i cannot play in my home media player

It’s the autorun you need to get rid of, I’m trying to do the same, wont work in schools, on my xbox, and even other computers until i install the internal autorun driver

I, too, only want to use mypassport for storage.   I already installed the back up software then later figured out how to just copy my specific files onto the drive.  I had hoped they would be in a separate area I could access but I can’t see them in Explore.  Anyway to undo this or do I have to erase the disk and start over?

Hello dclostindata,

No, you do not need to start all over.

Since you have already created a new folder and copied files to it.

Let’s keep that folder alive.

All you need to do is delete the WD SmartBackup folder.

So it will free up your hard drive space.

That folder was created by WD Smartware.

Ok, I’ve copied files directly to my passport.

the thing is it gets recognized by Macs, but not by PCs.

I’ve plugged it in several PC`s and I cant find my folders, just the ïntall", “unlock” kind of stuff.

Can You help me, pleasE?

I just ant to use it as drg-and-drop, as my external HD was a huge pen drive, you know?



strange. how about you put it back to mac? could be find out it in mac?


just turn off smartware.

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how do i do that?

1,CTRL+ALT+DEL ------>task manager -----> end process 3  program of WD.

2,control panel -----> uninstall WD smartware

3, you need to run WD smartware (which no need to install) for unlock your drive if you have set PW on it.

then you can drag and drop as normal external drive


you my friend, are a life saver!!! XD



very strange, i know.

now its just working in macs…when i connect it in PCs, it shows the software instalation as I explained before, and I just cants find the folders I’ve created. 

Is there a way of rebooting it?

thank you,


Why don you guys just disable the Smartware so it does not come up at all anymore?

See below how to,

(only if you have not used the smartware for a backup already, if you have used it to backup make sure you have the files made with the backup somewhere else, then just delete the WD_Smartware folder on the actual hard drive, and just use the drive as a giant USB STICK, remember before deleting the smartware backup, make sure you have the files!)

Disable VCD Smartware Link


I have the same problem, I want to use it for storage only and not for backup.

How to do this?  I decided I dont like the smartware.

above have answer. mention take off smartware and drag & drop as storage.

Hi, can I ask how to identify end process 3 of WD as described in post a month ago to uninstall WD Smartware?

I can’t get my drive to function as a drag and drop storage drive, and I also installed a password initally which I can’t get off.

What do you do to run smartware without installing it to allow me to remove the password?

This is all fine information for using the drive for storage only…but why doesn’t the darn thing just copy over things exactly during a back up?  I have over 160gig of music in hundreds of folders…It is a HUGE pain to make changes to my primary external drive then figure out what I did to an individual folder then update it.  Copying all of the files over is too much.  I wanted the thing to copy exact files then just update my changes.  There has got to be tech out there that does this.