Storage drive running randomly

I’ve had a wd drive for about a year now, and only used it to store music/ pictures/ videos & stuff.

Before, it would only start spinning up when i wanted to use a file stored on the drive, but now it’s starting up whenever it feels like it. Browsing the net will set it off constantly, forcing the webpage/youtube vid to freeze till it’s finished booting up, and even with no programs running it’ll turn on and off whenever it pleases.

I don’t know if I accidently messed up something in the bios, or if I have a virus or what.

Any help would be appreciated.

Also youtube vids are loading super slow now, not sure what’s up with that, but anything past 240p will buffer every 3 seconds.

Be sure that no program is running in the background that might be using the hard drive. To know if your hard drive has any hardware problems, you can try doing a DLG test. Check the link below for the steps.

The test showed all hard drives running fine =D

I’m thinking maybe it’s a virus, although my scans turned out clean, so I’m at a loss.

youtube is working fine again, not sure what was up with that.

how do I check if a program is using my hard drive? I’m not seeing that kind of info in task manager

Try turning off Indexing for that drive and see if that changes anything.  You find Indexing under Properties of the drive.

It still seems to be running when it shouldn’t =(

Thanks for the help so far though

Hi, Is it possible that your anti-virus is accessing the drive?