Storage capaity on My Passport Ultra drive

I just got this new storage drive capacity 2TB. I had a Toshiba 1.5 TB, it had just filled up, I could also open folders of pictures and look at them. When I loaded my computer on to this My Passport it showed 323.75 free of 1.82 TB. The scale on backup window shows the bar about 80% across the bar. Can you put GB into perspective to TB so I can maybe understand what amount of space I have left? Also I was wanting to open some of the folders/files I had loaded onto My Passport drive, just to see if they loaded OK, but can’t. Is there a way to do this? Thanks

1TiB = 1024GiB (Base 2 math)

1TB = 1000GB (Base 10 math)

Windows reports size in TiB.
Most drive manufacturers report size in TB.

1.82TiB = 2TB.

Boy you lost me on that one. Are you telling me that my window said 1.82TiB, instead of 1.82TB? I sure over looked that then! Is the 323.75GB approximately 20% of drive? Is there a way to view pictures on the drive by clicking on them? Thanks

No, Windows uses the abbreviation GB and TB which is actually reporting GiB and TiB. The unit names are not required – they’re only recommendations.

I’m sure I don’t understand your question. You open files on this drive the same as you would any other drive…

Expanding on TonyPh12345’s explanation, you can also visit the following WD Support article.

I loaded several hundred folders with thousands of pictures in the folders onto My Passport. I wanted to look at a sample of the pictures inside these folders on My Passport. I would open up the folder and in the folder was several Window Gallery Icons representing the picture, I think. I’m assuming I should be able to right and/or left click on these Icons and the picture will open? It will not do that, it asks if I want to load on original drive. My thinking is, if I loose just one picture in a particular folder I don’t want to reload the hole folder. I will want to serch for that particular picture and reload it onto my original drive. So can an individual picture be opened up on My Passport? By right clicking or something? Thanks

Sounds to me like you’re trying to open a BACKUP, not just a simple file?

I am trying to open a picture file on My Passport drive but it won’t, is this normal? Thanks

Well I’m back. I asked back in August about my Passport Ultra. I wanted to go onto my Passport and look for a picture that I accidentally deleted on my computer. I had a heck of a time even getting to the pictures to find they were in about 6000 folders. After plugging in My Passport to USB drive I still had to stumble onto a folder and finally had to click on one of those 6000 different folders until I open the picture, by using dates as I went. I see down in the lower right hand corner of my computer a icon that says WD. I click on it and it says configure back up, restore backup, settings, help, and quit. To the right of that icon is a WD Quick View, I click on it and it says about WD Quick view and Exit. Nothing happens. The only way I could get in and find my pictures on My Passport Ultra was computer, it seems my software didn’t load right or I’m not doing something right. I believe the pictures are on My Passport put it won’t open up the right program so I can view them to pick out the ones to reload on computer. Thanks

I would say I should reload software from internet. Is that possible to reload without losseing pictures and where would I find the download software? Thanks