Storage and Streaming

Well I must say since I bought my first wd tv hub I absolutly love it. I know how two in the house and they are both working flawless.

I did however want to give some people a heads up on a mistake I made when I first started out. All my video files are currently being stored on two separate WD external hdd’s. One is a 3TB the other is a 2TB. My problem came with the first one as it is usb 3.0 and I had it connected to my main destkop computer and was trying to stream video wirelessly to the first WD hub I bought.

Video would stutter stop suddenly fast forward itself but this would only show up after streaming a few different TV shows for my kids. Usually 5 or 6 shows in. The first few files worked without flaw. The quick solution was to move the first 3TB hdd over and plug it directly into the hub thus removing the wireless video stream. I am using a wireless router that can peak up to 300mbps. Though as I am sure most people have found it almost never sustains that lol.

This next HDD however I accidently bought a 2TB WD book. I didn’t realise it plugs right into the router itself. While this scared me at first I must say, the second WD hub downstairs is 100% wireless, both it and the HUB upstairs can stream video with no issue at all off the 2TB hdd.  However the hub downstairs cannot stream the files off the 3TB hdd from the upstairs HUB without running into the same hiccups as before about 5 files in it skips pauses fast fowards etc. 

With this in mind, if I could start again I would honestly have got 2 hdd’s that bother were live books that connected directly to my router as everything in my house is wifi expect the current wired in HDD. Although its a minor issue and just means I have some files duplicate over the two HDD’s so that my kids can watch their cartoons downstairs to I gotta say after ripping all the dvds i had of tv shows etc. My kids can now pick what they want when they want and ive up and canceled my cable tv cause we never watch it anymore.

These wd hubs are outstanding!!!


Thanks for sharing your experience.

Were you running the latest firmware of the devices?