Stopped playing movies please help

I had this box since day one worked fine, watched movie 2 days ago was perfect. Today i try to turn it on and it takes me to my iMac HD, i see all my movies, try to play any one of them nothing works, Little Blue Circle keeps spinning and nothing happens  (wireless). I put few things on USB stick connected it directly to the box, out of 20 times trying to watch something 1 times movie started playing. Youtube, Pandora nothing is working, its connecting but i click watch or listen its that blue circle keeps spinning. You think box is messed up? can i use 1 year manufacturing warranty?

First, make sure you’re not running into the issue described in FAQ section 4H and 4I.

It may be that the WDTV is hung up after playing a ‘bad’ file.

To get it working you could try the following.

reset via the side paperclip button

reset to factory defaults via the internal menu

unplug from power for some minutes (not seconds)

do all 3 things above before you use the unit again.

See if you can play a known good file that you have played all the way through before. Try youtube.

Try to remember if this happened after playing a particular movie.