Stop netbook HDD spin down

I recently bought an Acer Aspire Switch 10 hybrid netbook with a 500GB WD HDD built inside the keyboard (model WD5000LPVX). I use the keyboard HDD for gaming since the one inside the tablet part is very small. The problem is, when I’m playing a game that loads only once in a while (like a lightweight platformer) the HDD constantly goes idle after 5-10 minutes since last load, Win10 makes the sound of a device disconnecting and then of course whichever game I was playing it crashes and forces me to restart everything from last save point. I’m sure it’s just the HDD and not the USB 3.0 connection that goes off since the keyboard & touchpad still work after I hear the sound.
I already tried going into most of Windows power saving features and none of them works. Only workaround I found for now is running KeepAliveHD to have it spin continuously, but I’d prefer not having to remember each time to open the program before playing.

I just read on WD site that this is a built-in feature that can’t be removed or changed in any way. If this is true than I find this very irritating, for they could at least have given a way for more advanced users to decide for themselves what they need.

Anyway, does somebody have a more permanent solution to the issue? Is there a way to set the idle timer to like 30 or 60 minutes instead of 10 or am I really forced to stick with KeepAliveHD-like programs forever?

There are some drive-specific tools on WD’s site. However, they do not support your particular hard drive model.

Are you certain these issues are not related to a faulty hard drive? Have you tried running a diagnostic test?

I ran CrystalDisk and HDDScan and everything seems perfectly fine.
I know this kind of PCs are not meant for gaming, but come on, who thought it was a good idea to put an unmodifiable idle timer on the disk?!

Alternatively, does someone know if there’s a way to have a program open and close at the same time when another one opens or closes? Like when Steam is opened KeepAliveHD opens too, and it shuts down when the other does it. I don’t wanna use batch files since I often start the games from the start menu, but since it always triggers Steam to start it would be cool if I could have it force the HDD to spin only when it’s running.