Stop compiling wd tv live hub

Is it possible to stop compiling?

I have a GPT partition in my PC (4TB) and the WD TV Live Hub can’t find the files of this partition

WD has any utility to format and create a 4tb partition?

Thank you

Having a GPT partition on a NETWORK PC will not affect the Hub.   Something else is at issue.

It was compilling for 2 days and every time I turn it on it cuntinues the compilling,

I thought that it was happening because of the GPT partition



did you find a reson for this ??

Because it looks like my HUB does the same now ?

I presume this is compiling on the LOCAL STORAGE?  How many files do you have combined on the internal drive and all attached USB drives?

it was compilling thw files of my computer that’s why it was compilling for 2 days

also it crashed and was saying compilling while it wasn’t do anything

after 2-3 times of compilling (over 24 hours each time) finally stop compilling