Stolen My Passport

I have a My Passport for Mac 1t. Used it for 4-5 years. It disappeared 3 weeks ago. Asked around and out of the blue it reappeared. Not where I would have ever put it. My question is : is there a way to determine if someone has down loaded my backup info?
If so how would I know or who could tell me if someone has used it in the last 45 days?
I have not tried to use it since it reappeared. Because a) I want to know if someone has taken my info and b) don’t want to down load a virus. I do not think it was password protected. Sure IT folks could get around that. Thanks


The hard drive doesn’t keep log files … all you can do is check the date on files and see if they’ve been modified during those 45 days.

Contact all the places where your personal info could be used and change passwords account detail etc … and if you don’t want a virus get some Anti-Virus software.