Still wondering how some users can play MV4 Files on the WD HD LIve

Simply changing the file extension alone doesn’t work for me–the player generates a file incompatibility message when trying to play the MV4 file that has a MP4 file extension.

Please help.

ive never even seen an MV4 used before, are you making these yourself?

I may have mis typed the extension, these are iTunes movies that I want to watch on the WD Live media player and are   M4V file extensions.  Many in the forum have reported these to work fine but I am receiving a error message that the file format is not supported–by the WD player I think as opposed to the media server program.

You can’t play iTunes videos because they are protected with DRM. WDTV will not play protected media.

you can either find a video converter online or just hook the ipod up to your tv, theres various cables that allow you do to this, an watch it like that.