Still No Fix for this yet? Enlarged DVD Covers next to Metadata?

When i first bought the HUB The DVD Cover’s worked perfectly on it.

Then i remember about 8 months back a firmware upgrade broke it so that the DVD Cover’s no longer popped up with the “Enlarged” Cover next to the Metadata information

Now months upon months and multiple firmware’s later, this still has not been fixed?

I still have a Theme that actually fixes this issue, but it’s not the theme that i like, and it’s very Old… So there is obviously a work around to make the enlarged DVD Cover’s show up next to the metadata…

How can i do this? What code do i need to change within my theme? I am currently using the Mojo Theme (NON - MOVIESHEET) Version.

Right now i just have that ugly video icon static where all the enlarged DVD Cover’s should be showing

Please help would be forever grateful

The theme that i have that fixes this is an old version of the Andonized … I have about 4 different model versions of the Andonized theme, and only 1 of them has the working dvd covers… Out of all my themes, this is the only theme that shows up the dvd covers, all my other themes do not show them… So what does this theme do differently that allows them to show up

I hope that i have been clear enough in explaining what i mean by the “missing” dvd cover next to the metadata on my videos.

I have added pictures to make it more clear as to what i’m asking…

This is how all my movies look. I have that static jpg for all my dvd covers
This is how I WANT it to look, How do i make the correct JPG show up next to the metadata like this? instead of having The below picture show for all my movies
This is the static JPG that shows for all my movies next to the metadata instead of their correct dvd covers

I would suggest you ask that question in the THEME subforum.

Tony aren’t you the one who made the Andonized themes?

What did you do in your one theme to fix this? The one copy of the andonized theme that i have works

All my other themes have that crappy static video icon

First, NO, Tony did not make the Anodized theme.  The original theme was created by PsychoTHC, who hasn’t been around for a while and has not updated that theme.

Second, Mojo is my theme (just an FYI there). 

Something that you didn’t mention is how you have your movies fomated.  If they are in DVD format, meaning that you have a folder with TS & Vob files in it, then no the larger thumbnail will not show up because WD still has not fixed the issue with folders.  The best solution is to convert them into ISO files so that the playback is the same, but you only have the one file and no problem with the larger thumbnail showing up.

Also, I believe that the version of the Anodized theme that you are refering that works, is actually a modified version that I did a long while back (although I can’t be sure).  It uses a different way to display the folder thumbnails though and wasn’t a fix, just a trick.

I have all my movies set up like this



Wl\VIDEO\Blu Ray\

w:\VIDEO\Blu Ray\Action\

w:\VIDEO\Blu Ray\Action\300.MKV

w:\VIDEO\Blu Ray\Action\300.XML

w:\VIDEO\Blu Ray\Action\\300.JPG

w:\VIDEO\Blu Ray\Action\Casino.MKV

w:\VIDEO\Blu Ray\Action\CASINO.XML

w:\VIDEO\Blu Ray\Action\Casino.jpg

So i put all my movies, jpgs, and xml’s into a single folder so that none of my movies are within their own folder

I just put them categorized by genre such as action, comedy, crime, thriller, etc and when all of my action movies, jpgs, and xml’s are within that folder no sub folders below genre…

Also, i believe it was a “trick” that i edited the andonized theme with to make them work like that

Is there some way to make that trick work with the most recent Mojo Theme?

With the way that you have yours setup you shouldn’t need a trick to make it work.  But your problem may be that you have the media library turned off.  If you do then this is your problem because it needs to be on to display the larger thumbnail.

Hello Pulazki.

I think by the look of your screen shots that you might be using the wrong template. You need to use the Mojo MS movie sheet template with the latest Mojo theme which are both avail from the Mojo theme tread.

I’m not using moviesheets, these are not screenshots of mine, they’re just pictures i found in the theme section and i just copy pasted over the one screenshot to be able to show what i’m seeing…

It’s possible i have the media library off

but i have this problem no matter what theme i’m using

I’m also beginning to have another issue now… I just added a 2nd hard drive to my hub (I used to have it connected by wifi so i only had 1 open USB, but now i have it hard-wired so i have a 2.0TB and a 2.5TB connected to it

But now it never finishes loading… It just says loading non-stop and never completes (and whenever i go into movies i have to click okay on that menu that says like “Blah blah blah WDTV Live still loading so you’ll have to view movies by folder blah blah blah”

But i’ve had it turned on for ilke 3 days straight and it never finishes loading… any ideas?

I feel so stupid now…

Tinwarble nailed it… Somehow, my Media Library was turned Off – I turned it on, and now my pictures are showing up… it’s been like this for months… and i never could figure it out… so upset it was just the click of that button

Yep, it’s always those simple things that get us.:smileyvery-happy:

I don’t how many times I’ve felt like a big dummy because I forgot K.I.S.S.