Still make 2tb reds with 3 platters?


I’ve just ordered a 2tb red, and I know they come (came?) in both 2 1tb platters, and 3 750gb platters.

I was wondering if the 3 platter ones are still being produced? Are there known dates where 3 platters drives are common?

Gotta find me some decent scales…


How to determine number of heads using HD Tune:

Thank you for that, that was exacly what I needed.

Unfortunatly, mines a 3 platter one :frowning:

I guess it still does what I need it to do, but it anoys me that it isnt as good as it could be…

hmmmm, to DSR or not.

Note I set it to 6gb, as its a little scrambled for the first 2.5gb for some reason :S

ISTM that your drive has 4 heads.

Each serpentine segment is about 220MB long. Two of the heads have identical characteristics, resulting in 440MB plateaus.

ah yes, I see what you mean.

I didnt spot the double lengh bit, and Id also presumed #heads = #platters

Thanks for the help, I’ve learnt somthing here.