Still Confused and Frustrated With Media Library. Please Help

Yesterday I felt I was finally making headway.  I was able to get my hub to start compiling media, I was able to highlight the folders I want added to my media library and get them added.  I am still getting folders on the hub that I don’t think I allowed to be shared, but I can look into that later.  I have a few questions about the media library:

1.  I have my PC set to sleep after an hour of setting idle.  Once the PC sleeps, does the hub lose all of the media it’s compliled.  When I checked on things earlier today, I couldn’t find any of my media in the media library.

  1. Once the hub has populated with the media from my PC (hard wired), I can see the folders I wan (and them some I don’t) within the Photos, Music, or Videos tabs.  I can see them under the Files tab too. Once Ive added them to the media library, what’s the best way to get to the media library?

I will have some more questions, but if I can get answers to these, I might be able to figure out the rest.  Thanks for any help.

How are you sharing media with the Hub? I don’t have my hub available right now, but one method of sharing will only see media while the resource is on. That network resource going into sleep mode will cause the Hub to recompile the Library and all media on that resource will be lost until another recompile is done. Same as if you have an external HDD connected, scanned and added to the Library and then disconnect it.

As for the best way to access media, using the type menu (Videos, Music, etc.) is preferred over using the Files menu.

If I just get the media I want on my Passport, Share the Folders I want, and let the hub compile media from there, can I still add it to the Media Library?  If so, can I do things like filter my music in different ways if it’s in the media library (no matter what the source is - PC, external HD, etc.)?

Any ideas on my last question?

Yes. As long as you are using Media Library :slight_smile:
If you turn it off

than you are limited to file browsing :slight_smile: