Still can't update label on My Passport Studio (Mac)

(re-posted in hopes of getting an answer)

I got a new My Passport Studio on a warranty exchange.  The drive seems to work ok, but I can’t get the label to accept a new name.   I type in a new name and click on the “Save Settings” button in WD SmartWare and the light on the side of the drive blinks 3 times, but the label doesn’t change, nor does the text in the label box flash or change color or whatever it’s supposed to do.

I usually use Firewire, but the previous (and only) suggestion I got here that switching to USB is necessary to update the drive still does not allow me to update the label.  It still reads “Videos 09,”  and although 341GB have been used on the drive, it still says “498GB Free.”

I have erased the drive, re-installed and updated the WD SmartWare software, turned the Virtual CD on and off, and anything else i can think of, with no luck.

Suggestions (especially solutions!!) appreciated!

Many thanks, and fingers crossed!!


Have you try contacting WD directly? Please use the link bellow:

Yeah, I guess it’s time…thanks!

Hope they’re able to help you with this.

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Thanks for working with me, Wizer.  Support thinks it’s a Lion issue–evidently the drive is not fully supported at this time.

Glad to know they figure it out.

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