Steady white light on a MyWorld 1TB WDH1NC10000N

Hi there, I have my WDH1NC10000N 1TB white light external drive, yesterday was working well, today has a white center steady light, manual says it is a system failure, tried to reset by pressing 20 secs the button with no luck.

Of course I can not see the Drive in the network or locally conected via UTP

My warranty expires in one week, I need to recover some important files, but the recovery services are in the US, and I am Mexico.

Any idea how to bring back to life for a back up or where I can recover my info in Mexico City?

I have a 2Wire modem and 2 laptops W-7, W-XP

Those drives are base on a linux system so you can try connecting the drive directly to a linux system.

Now keep in mind that your warranty will expire soon so will be better if you contact wd for a RMA