Steady red light

Have a steady red light. This happened before and I determined that the disk was full. I found a lot to delete and do so and the blue light returned. This time I calculate I am using only 69GB using file storage method but I see a grayed out area labeled “other files” and cannot figure out how to read that part of the disc. ???

I would do a system restore or while its plugged in press the reset button for 4 seconds, if that doesnt work i would try a 40 second reset… Power down, restore power while holding reset for 40 secs…

@peterroof Have you read the User Manual for your generation of My Cloud?

If you are admin then be sure to read all the Help information provided in the Dashboard.

The below image is from the User Manual. For Other, what would you have on your My Cloud that is not videos, photos, or music tracks? Example is Documents.

The user manual is not helpful. The red light is mentioned but it doesn’t explain what to do about the various faults. My dashboard indicates 36 GB free so the red light does not mean disk full. It also indicates 1.6TB of other. My other is documents and 16 TB can’t be correct. The backup screen indicates a lot of “other files” in addition to what I designated to be backed up but I can’t figure out how to see the “other files” and even more important delete. I tried a system only restore. The red light came on shortly after starting and after two hours had not completed re-boot so I gave up. I did see multiple entries in the log of “CIFS Auth for user […] failed.” I have no idea what that means. I did the reset button. I don’t understand what the 40 second rest is supposed to do.

The following WD Support Knowledgebase article explains what a 4 second and 40 second reset do and which settings they reset to default.

How to Reset a My Cloud (single bay) Device