Status MBL changes from bad to good to bad, latest firmware

Hello All,

I bought my MBL just before christmas and I immediately upgraded to the latest firmware. At first it seemed to be working very fine, rather quick compared to my old NAS. But then I switched it on one day and I notied that the led looked as if it was white and the status, seen in the UI page, changed to bad. After fiddeling around, maybe also a restart, it went back to status good and I could access it again. A few days everything was ok and then it started again. I was always able to access it again but this should not happen. I use osx lion, latest version and safari for the UI. What can this be? Any suggestions are appreciated.


i would suggest not turning it off so often, maybe just set the idle time in the dashboard so it will sleep, unless you have another compelling reason to be shutting it down. 


thanks for your reply. So what your saying is, leave the drive always on? Normally I shut it down at the end of day or evening when I stop using it. Will it go in idle position automatically or do I have to set something?


well, just for troubleshooting.  maybe you are dhcp and everytime it boots up it’s getting assigned a different IP and the dns isn’t resolving http://mybooklive/UI to the new IP or something.


I do use DHCP, when I’m back home I’ll try to give it a fixed IP adress, that might help.