Static IP Question (order of operation)

I’m new to networking and NAS.

In setting up a static IP, is there an order of operation that must be done in sequence as it pertains to the WD device and your router? For example, do I need to port forward from the router first, before setting the WD Device up for static IP or does it need to happen in reverse? Does the WD device need to be set up for static IP first, then go to the router and port forward?

Thanks in advance.


There’s no specific order to set the devices. Either one will be the same.

When you say either one will be the same…I guess I could read that one of two ways so can you further explain exactly what you mean. Do you mean:

  1. Order doesn’t matter - but you need to do both, or

  2. Which one you do doesn’t matter, but you only have to do one of them (not both).