Startup Failed: 0XD9

Hello Everyone

I have a Western Digital Sentinel DX4000 it has 4x 4TB HGST SATA 6.0Gb/s Hard Drives / Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 installed, now its been running fine for a few months without any problems, now when you go onto the remote access to the windows server it will be very slow sometime programs stop responding, the other day one hard drive just stopped working, so i went to the store and got the same hard drive as the other 3, 4TB HGST SATA 6Gbs it even looks the same, now when i installed the new hard drive into bay 4 it started blinking blue then the whole system just shut off then i tried to turn it back on and now it says STARTUP FAILED: 0X09, i been reading that you can try the recovery mode and i downloaded the 10gb file and image a 16gb usb, put it into the usb port and started it up holding down the reset bottom in the back intil the recovery shows then it will say again STARTUP FAILED 0X09.

I’m not sure what is wrong with the unit, its a used unit that i got i would say more then a year ago and its been working fine until this happened now i can not get it working anyone know how to fix this please help thanks.

also note i did open the box and changed the memory using the same type and make and still says STARTUP FAILED 0X09, i also just installed two 2TB hard drives in bay 1 & 2 and turn the system on but it will just keep saying searching and i left it on for almost 24 hours

If you need the data that was on the drives you need to try a 3rd party Raid Recovery software.

Then to use the box again you will need to totally erase the drives with diskpart >clean
Recreate Storage