Start to a problem?

I just bought a 4T Mybook to download CDs to so I don’t have to keep the physical CDs anymore. I’ve used less than 1T so far. Today I went to add another CD to the Mybook and got an error message saying it could not be added to the Mybook. I opened the Mybook and all the CDs I downloaded were missing. I decided I’d restart my computer and the Mybook did not show on the desktop afterwards. So I unplugged the power to the Mybook and then plunged it back in. There Mybook Icon appeared. I clicked on it and to check and see if my music was there and it was. This is my 2nd Mybook. My first one always appeared when I’d turn my computer on. Is this a sign that something is wrong, or going bad? When I clicked on “get info” of the Mybook. It said “Created Wednesday, December 31, 1969. Modified Monday, December 31, 1979” Isn’t that odd? Thank you in advance. :slight_smile:

Try running a health test using WD Drive Utilities. Run a SMART, Quick, and Extended test. If any of them fail I’d recommend replacing the unit.

If the drive passes all three tests try disabling the sleep timer. It’s enabled by default and your unit will become inaccessible while leaving a “ghost drive” if it goes to sleep while connected.

Thank you. Yesterday it started acting up again with the CDs there. Then they were not. It wouldn’t appear on the desktop when the computer was started but when I unplugged it to reboot it. I got an error message saying I didn’t eject the my book and could have lost data. And the creation date still said 1968. So I packed it up and took it back to the store. I still have my Passport MyBook. Thank you for you response. It was greatly appreciated. :slight_smile: