Start hdmi resolution problem

I have a problem. I set resolution to 1080p and i can normally play videos. when I start the player searches for the optimal resolution and the start was delayed for more than a minute. Is this normal? I can avoid scanning??

It’s not searching.  It’s booting.

Is it normal? ¿How much time it does take to start?

About a minute, if I recall, from power off.

Just a few seconds if coming out of standby.

If it’s starting after a  full power-down (holding down POWER key for several seconds), it has to do a full boot. It starts at 720p for the initial screen, then resets the video to what your settings are.

Is not this too slow startup? Also I have the old version (gen2) and it starts quick.

IIRC, it actually about as fast as the Live under the same conditions…