SSHFS mount working on LAN but not on WAN

root@Unknow:/test# sshfs /test
root@'s password: 
root@Unknow:/test# cd ..
root@Unknow:/# cd test
root@Unknow:/test# ls
Documentales Ingles OSBackup Public Torrenting VideoClips
Fotos Musica Peliculas Series 
root@Unknow:/test# cd ..
root@Unknow:/# fusermount -u test
root@Unknow:/# sshfs MyNOIPADDRESS:3022/DataVolume/shares /test
The authenticity of host MyNOIPADDRESS(' can't be established.
RSA key fingerprint is 10:4c:eb:8b:d4:8c:bd:6c:42:d7:6f:a8:b0:a0:34:56.
Are you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no)? yes
root@MyNOIPADDRESS's password: 
root@MyNOIPADDRESS's password: 
root@MyNOIPADDRESS's password: 
read: Connection reset by peer

Access and mount works perfectly on LAN as show.

Port is forwarded 3022-22 and it works for WAN in SSH from terminal or putty but i have no success from WAN in SSHFS using my noip address.

Sure i’m missing something obvious about command construction. :cry:

I’ve just WAN SSHFS MyCloud shares folder in windows:

But i still haven´t success in linux.

I tried to copy/move files and folders between shares and it works BUT downloading locally as ethernet monitor shows when i copy a share folder in another.

Must i mount the whole disk from . or /  to solve this???

I really want to have this working on linux and be able to cp files/folders WITHIN server disk and/or to attached usb disks.

Anybody can give me a hint? or the solution?