SSH use: is an ancient Busybox really all there is inside the EX4100?

I’ve been using a MyCloud 4 TB NAS for about a year and a half now. I use it to store data which I’m legally obligated to protect with rather extreme measures (I’m a researcher). So what I did was to create a single 3.8 TB encrypted LUKS/LVM volume on it (that’s a type of Linux encryption for the uninitiated), and to access the data I ssh in, mount the LUKS volume on my local machine using sshfs, and I’m good to go. This is far more secure than trusting my security to WD’s central servers, and I’m not permitted to do so anyway.

So now I bought an EX4100 and have set it up as RAID5. So far so good. But when I ssh in I’m greeted by a two-year-old version of BusyBox with very little functionality (it doesn’t even have nano for editing text files, nor fallocate for changing LUKS volume sizes!!).

And I can find no way to install additional software. I only need a handful of utilities (nano, fallocate, and apparently some ssh and luks-related bins), but there’s no indication that this is even possible.

I need to get password-free ssh running (using a large SSH key), and I need to create a LUKS/LVM volume. That’s it.

To be honest, I was expecting the EX4 to be a deluxe version of the My Cloud of yore, not a crippled version of it.

So, my specific questions:

  1. What OS does the EX4100 run?
  2. How can I upgrade BusyBox to a more modern version?
  3. How can I install the few bits of software I need, like nano and fallocate?


Can’t offer a whole lot of advice there. I’m no fan of BusyBox myself. However, I can tell you that vim is available in lieu of nano…