SSH problems

I hope someone can help my with this problem. I’m trying to ssh into my cloud from my pc with not much success. I have putty and WinSCP installed and both are acting differently.

With putty, when I enter “root@ipaddress” it prompts me for the password. As soon as I put the password in it freezes putty. cant do anything but close the window
with WinSCP I can put the details in, it prompts me for the password and I can view the folder structure. However, I have a feeling that some folders are not visible. In WinSCP when i try to use teh terminal it freezes as well.

Now when I use connectbot on my Minix X8 I can ssh in with no problem.
So i know its not a mycloud issue. Cant figure out what it can be. any ideas??

I have an android box (MINIX X*)

For Putty when you reach the “login as” on the screen you use: root
For the password you use (for the first time): welc0me
You may be prompted to set a new password after first access. That is the password you use from that point on when accessing via SSH.

Thanks for the reply.

When I put the password in putty freezes. This only works properly when I use the ssh client on my android box.

Putty and WinSCP are designed to be used on a Windows OS computer. Are you using that software on a Windows computer?

In putty under hostname or ip address what are you entering?


Yes, putty and winscp are being used on a windows 10 PC. I’m using an app called connectbot on my android box, which is working.

In putty I’m using root@ as username.
It gets me to the terminal and then prompts me for the password. After putting in welc0me the session freezes. Same happens when I try to use the terminal in winscp. However winscp does let me see the file directory on the mycloud.

As indicated previously you only use root for the user name. The following images show how Putty looks on my end. Note I have blacked out some information from each image.

You could try updating putty if it’s not the latest beta 0.66:

Or try SSH for Windows:

I’m using full Cygwin:

WinSCP575 settings. Note the use of the user name is just root.

I need to try this when I get home, although im pretty with putty i was using the full root@Ipaddress in the terminal. so that was probably the problem.

Ill say thanks for the help in advance. Its frustrating starting something new, I need to LEARN LEARN LEARN!!!

So im having the same issue still. Putty (version .66) is still freezing after Login as: root. I still have access through connectbot on my android box just fine.

could this be a windows 10 issue?

Putty (0.66) work fine on my Win 10 PC and in a virtualbox VM of Win 10 on a Win 7 PC.

ok got it working. what was happening is that when i tried to type my password no characters appeared in the terminal. This led me to believe that it was freezing. After blindly typing my password I got in. Does this happen to you?

anyway this simple problem has been resolved. Thanks for the support!

It is a security feature. This way no one knows the length your password.