SSH on OS5

Hello all,

also me I made the big big big mistake to upgrade to OS5. It is a big mess. Days of indexing, nothings is working, lost many features compared to OS3, no access to my files via dashboard possible etc. Biggest mistake ever. Such an expensive storage and now it is grab…

Anyway, nobody of WD will replace the damage. My question:
did anybody of you find out if it is possible to work directly with SSH on OS5 device without dashboard and link to my explorer? I would like to delete a set of files … many files… and the machine is only collecting information but nothing deleting via my computer connection to the cloud mirror.
Therefore I would like to do this directly on the mirror device via SSH: deleting files.

similar to:
rm -rf deleteallthisstuff

Can anybody help, is there a way to do so?


Yes, you need to enable SSH service on your NAS and the default username is sshd and you will have to configure a password fot it

Thank you for this reply. Connecting via SSH works, thats not the problem. But under -help there is no command available like rm. It is even not possible to ls list the folders.
Can you help also on this?

do you use a tool like Putty to access your NAS?

no, I am using the ubuntu terminal to connect via SSH

oki i’m not used to ubunto. apparentls the command to usee SSH with WD NAs are not the same as linux . I had to search ones but didn’t remeber where I found the commands and how to navigate through folders

If you do not mind to search for them I would appreciate it very much! Because the way it is now… it is anoying.

@carolinherzog What problem are you facing?
It sounds like you can access the My Cloud shares via Windows Samba but you cannot delete any folder or files? What error message in Windows do you get when attempting to delete a folder or a file?

ssh sshd@YOURNASIP.

once logged in you will see your disks mounted at /mnt

ls and rm works, but tcpdump is gone

Reminder: there’s no control z if you run a “rm -rf” in the wrong place.


A question. Is is possible to login in ssh with other user instead of “sshd”?


Yes and no. There’s a configuration where you can tell which users can log in using ssh. The only problem is that once you restart your device, this configuration is erased.

Using WD is like using Apple devices, you can only do what they allow you to, like it didn’t belong to you.

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Deleting a folder and all inside is “rm -r nameoffolder” i believe. Not sure what you mean by “explorer” but all of my Public folders are located at “/mnt/HD”.

Moving to a folder is done with the “cd nameofdir” command. Press the tab key to complete the names of dirs and files to ease the process. :slight_smile: the “ls” command lists the files inside the dir your in.

If you’re sure what you need to delete you can also just type “rm -r /mnt/HD/HD_x/nameoffolder”.

“pwd” to show location of the dir you’re in.

Anyway i’ve had some luck typing “ stop”. You could maybe try this first and see if that helps with the indexing.