SSH help needed My Book World Edition White Light

How do you access my book with SSH?

I enabled it through the web interface.

Life would be easier without MioNet

I found the information I needed.

Used a terminal prompt on my mac.

enter command $ ssh root@[mybookworldedition]

can also be done from a LINUX prompt.

now I just need to edit that darn mionet script

The script I need to change is:


and I need to figure out how to add the following:

# Start of hack to make Mionet obey startup flagif [! -f "/etc/.mionet_on_startup"]; then exit 1fi# End of hack to make Mionet obey startup flag

cd /usr/mionet


add the code above (PRESS “i” first to enable code entry)

press ‘esc’ to enter command mode in vi

enter :wq to save and quit vi

reboot MBWE