SSD Life Expectancy

Hello! I bought my WD Green M.2 120GB SSD in December 21, 2020 and as of January 29, 2021, my SSD is now in 99% health from its 100%, according to the SSD Dashboard. Is it normal?

a usb hard disk for backups is desireable

when your ssd gets down to 20% it should be replaced if it has not already pestered you to do so

Keep an eye on the percentage it can be an early warning of trouble
Keep it backed up - this should be done with ANY HDD Macrium Reflect 7 Free is very easy to use and much more reliable than Acronis True Image

You will not outlive your SSD’s lifespan at 1.75 MILLION hours. Now if you divide that by 365 days in a year that’s 479,452 years. I think you’ll be OK :slight_smile: