SSD Failed after 2 years

I purchased a WDS200T2B0A on August 4, 2021 and it failed last month. My experience with WD support has been extremely frustrating.

I first asked if there was any chance warranty would cover this, and was told to send my proof of purchase and a photo of the physical drive. I was also told to post here, but got no answer about warranty.

I then replied with proof of purchase, asking if it was acceptable. I promised to send the drive picture as soon as I was able to disassemble my PC. I didn’t get an answer about either the warranty status or if my proof of purchase was acceptable, but was again told to post here.

I am still trying to recover data from this drive. QPhotoRec has recovered 30GB of the 2TB drive so far. It runs until sector 136,000,000 of 3,907,029,168 and then starts over at 100,000,000 but does seem to be recovering new files as it goes (unless it is repeating content, I just get files in bunch of folders with no other structure, so I can’t be sure.

Should I let it run, or try something else? I don’t want to lose anything on the drive, however it is mostly large files I don’t need backed up, so I’d rather not throw good money after bad.

Even if I let it run and it finishes, I don’t want to just throw 2TB of SSD in the trash, so unless WD wants the drive back, I would like to attempt to use it, even just for temporary space. Any suggestions on what I can or should run? I haven’t used chkdsk extensively since before SSDs came out, and I don’t know how well it works with SSDs, but as I have no readable partitions on the disk, I probably want something lower level.

I suggest using an old hard disk for backups, usc-c boxes are cheap

I am not sure how that’s relevant to my post, unless you are suggesting turning my WDS200T2B0A into a usb-c backup. If so, it is worth the money to me to buy something more reliable.

USB boxes are low cost, SATA modes are about $10 and NVMe are similarly priced

And Broccoli is under $3 / lbs.

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