SSD Dashboard saying sn550 not supported

When I installed the SN550 on my X570 motherboard and installed the ssd dashboard (this would have been the end of August, can’t remember what version it was) it displayed capacity, temperature etc. Since the dashboard has been updated it won’t display relevant data and stating ‘Not Supported’. It shows on motherboard available disks, it’s my main boot disk, it’s recognised in disk management, Is this issue something relating to the dashboard or is it something I’ve done in setting up pc?

Hi, please contact customer support and they will collect dashboard.log and msinfo from the installation which will give some information for the development team to fix this issue.

Reporting Not Supported is usually due to the disk appearing as SCSI through Windows, even though it is NVMe or ATA hardware and connection. This is generally due to the driver in use, and we see it the most frequently on AMD systems like the X570. The reason for Not Supported is in Dashboard not fully supporting your chipset + drivers, and Not Supported does not indicate a problem with your drive or system configuration otherwise.